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Christopher Columbus Monument

This monument to Christopher Columbus was dedicated Oct. 12, 1910, and was a gift from the readers of the Italian newspaper La Tribuna Italiana d'America in honor of the 400th anniversary of Columbus' death.

The bust was sculpted by Augusto Rivalta of Italy and sits on a pedestal featuring a plaque between two bows of ships on either side. The inscription reads, "Christopher Columbus, a great son of Italy. Born 1435 - Died 1506. Discovered America October 12, 1492. This monument is dedicated to his honor by the Italians of Detroit, October 12, 1910."

It originally stood on the northern end of Washington Boulevard at Park Avenue, bookending the boulevard with the Alexander Macomb Monument to the south.

In November 1987, the monument was removed in order to be restored, and was then rededicated the following year at East Jefferson Avenue and Randolph Street.

The bust has been the target of protest and vandalism over the years given Columbus' brutality toward native people.