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Buhl Building - Photos

Built for the Buhl real-estate company in 1925, the 27-story, Neogothic-style structure features detailing created by sculptor Corrado Parducci.

Though the first four floors’ footprint is rectangular, the above floors form a cross to provide additional windows.

The south elevation of the Buhl building as seen from Jefferson Ave.

Detail of some of Corrado Parducci's work on the Buhl Building.

The private Savoyard Club lounge occupied the top floor of the Buhl building from 1928 to 1994, and then the space’s classy atmosphere was recreated through the street-level Buhl Bar taproom.

Front entrance detail of the Buhl building

Looking up the front facade

Buhl Bar entrance detail

Looking at the Guardian building through one of the front entrance archways

Side entrance to the Buhl building on Congress St.

W. Congress St. elevation of the Buhl building

W. Congress entrance detail