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Col. Frank J. Hecker House - Photos

Col. Frank J. Hecker's former library

The main staircase

Look into the turret off the library

Former Dining Room

View at fireplace of former library and main entrance area

The exterior after a snowstorm in Feb 2023

Main entrance door

Staircase with a peak into the former library

Former living room with view at the grand staircase

Railing Detail in main staircase

The barreled ceiling in the vestibule of Woodward Avenue

View from Dining into living room

Fireplace in former living room

This radiator in hallway off the living room is still active

Incredible woodwork - main staircase railing

Mosaic-tiled floor in the vestibule off Woodward Avenue

View from main entrance into former living room

Fireplace detail in the former library

Front entrance detail shot

Front entrance detail

The law office's waiting room was the Hecker family's living room

Wainscotting detail in Col. Hecker's library

Beautiful woodwork everywhere

Col. Frank J. Hecker's library is now a lawyer's office

Col. Frank J. Hecker's smoking lounge is now a lawyer's office.

Third-floor office. The turret is in the back.

The third floor was modernized and lacks the charm and splendor of the lower two floors.

Column on the second floor

The scarab was a popular symbol in the 1920s, so the house's age means Col Frank J. Hecker was something of a trendsetter.

Fireplace in Col. Hecker's old bedroom, now a lawyer's office

Staircase from second floor to the third

Second-floor hallway fireplace

Ceiling in the music room

Ceiling in Hecker's former library

The fireplace in the room that once was Col. Frank J. Hecker's library

A look at the ceiling in the turret off the library.

Col. Frank J. Hecker's library is now a lawyer's office

The mansion's carriage house

Detail of a dormer

Window detail on one of the mansion's turrets

One of the mansion's turrets

The walkout balcony

Detail above a dormer

Detail of a dormer

The front doors facing Woodward Avenue

The front doors facing Woodward Avenue

Detail of the front door along Woodward Avenue