Historic Detroit

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David Stott Building - Old photos

The area around the Stott Building, rear right, in 1964.

The entrance of the Stott in 1974.

The Stott Building going up with the Guardian Building in the distance.

The Stott, far right, and the Book-Cadillac in 1942.

The Stott and the Book-Cadillac Hotel in 1929.

The Stott in 1981.

Work on preserving the Stott's entrance in 1981.

The stately lobby of the Stott in 1981.

The Stott's elevator doors in 1981.

Elevator doors in 1981.

The beautiful, ornate ceiling of the Stott in 1981.

The Stott Building in 1981.

The Stott's elevator doors in 1978.

The Stott in 1974 above a silhouetted Stevens T. Mason Monumet.

The David Stott Building around 1964. The Lafayette Building is at left; the Transportation Building is at right.

The Stott towers over Griswold in 1960.

The David Stott Building looms in the distance down Griswold Street in 1960.

The Stott in 1952

The Stott in 1945, looking north on Griswold.

The Stott Building in 1936.

The Stott Building, 1001 Woodward, the Book-Cadillac and others in 1966.

The Stott Building peeks over buildings at Jefferson and Woodward in the early 1930s.

The David Stott Building, with Old City Hall at right, in 1946.

The Stott and Penobscot buildings, and the Book-Cadillac Hotel, in 1930.