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Detroit Fire Department Headquarters - Photos

The existing façades for two buildings, the former Detroit Fire Department Headquarters and adjacent Pontchartrain Wine Cellars building, were repaired and restored to maintain character.

A view at the South facade and the "The Aparatus Room" Restaurant & Bar on the first floor. The original fire-engine red doors were restored and reused.

The building’s origins are used to great advantage on the ground-floor 150-seat restaurant and bar situated in the former fire engine hall and private dining room in the historic lounge.

Located on the northeast corner of Washington Boulevard and West Larned Street, the former Detroit Fire Department Headquarters was originally built in 1929.

A look up into the former hose hanger

This room is currently the restaurant's Private Dining Room, but its original function was the recreation room for the firefighters.

This area that is currently the freight dock for the restaurant has remains of old advertisements from the Pontchartrain Wine Cellars era, which occupied 234 W Larned from 1956-1991.

Beautiful sitting area for hotel guests with all original floors and molding.

This hotel suite, currently named the Secretary Suite, was the former office for the Detroit Fire Commissioner.

The wood paneling and molding is original.

This suite, currently called the Commissioner Suite, is the former board room for the headquarters, with original wood paneling and molding.

This is the largest suite in the hotel at approximately 967 sg ft

A lot of celebrity musicians have called the Commissioner Suite their temporary home in the past.

A view at the city from an event space on the 5th floor.

Front lobby with hotel elevators