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Detroit Harbor Terminal Building - Photos

On top of the Detroit Harbor Terminal Building during blue hour in 2016

This building was known to be one of the best Detroit sunrise spots.

The building featured eleven high-speed freight elevators along with the passenger elevators which served the the second- and third-floor offices.

April 2015

A view from a distance

April 2016

Undoubtedly the most interesting part of the building was the room that contained all of these giant compressor engines.

Many of the pipes were heavily insulated, perhaps not because they contained hot water or steam but cooled refrigerant for distribution throughout the cold storage areas of the building. Image from 2016

This building went through different ownership over the decades. Detroit Harbor Terminals, Inc. controlled it in the 1960s-1970s, and their name is still shown over the front doorway to the warehouse's offices.

Just one out of many options to photograph the Detroit skyline during sunrise

Zug island as seen from the Detroit Harbor Terminal rooftop in 2016

A very common interior reflection shot after heavy rainfall

A summer sunrise on one of the upper floors inside the Harbor Terminal

A different view at the North facade of the Detroit Harbor Terminal Building

Some of the best views of downtown from the rooftop

Urban explorers loved the view provided from the rooftop. Photo from Apr 2016.