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Fisher Building - Photos Decor Detail

This picture gallery will showcase some of the Fisher Building's favored detailed ornamentation.

The first three levels of the building are glad in pink Minnesota granite, the rest of the building is covered in Beaver Dam Marvilla Marble from a quarry in Maryland.

The two eagles atop pylons over the main entrance. Their wings are open but curved forward in a sheltering gesture.

Another eagle from a main entrance pylon, spreading its wings to take flight, representing the progressive and entrepreneurial spirit of America.

God like and heroic heads over the main entrance. They were originally gold-plated but most of the gold-plating has tarnished and worn out over the years.

The Grand Blvd front entrance with its ornate brass detail in July 2023

Details of the ornate brass grilles above the entrance.

Details of the ornate brass grilles above the entrance.

The upper sections of the Fisher building are lined with all sorts of small and large, fanciful gargoyles and grotesques.

Those grotesques were supposedly carved by New York City born Ulysses Ricci, an American known for his architectural sculpture.

This one can be seen on top of the far left side of the Grand Blvd facade

A view at the west side of the main tower

The upper west side of the building, lit up by the setting sun

West side of the Fisher Building Annex

A detail shot of the upper west side facade of the Fisher Building Annex

More eagles and grotesques near the roof line

Roof detail

Detail view at the North Annex of the Fisher building

Detail shot of the south facade as seen from Grand Blvd.

Detail shot of the roof line as seen from Grand Blvd.

Another detail shot of grotesques