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Foch Intermediate School - Photos

The grand auditorium is a long space featuring ornate plaster work around the stage and on the ceilings

The auditorium has a large balcony seating area

The "Girls Gym" is brightly lit thanks to large windows on two elevations. The "Boys Gym" was modified with mirror panels and drop ceilings for unknown reasons.

Classrooms are small and squarish, with simple plaster finishes.

The long library space features a barrel-vaulted ceiling and a row of wood-paneled reading rooms.

It also has a black/gold marble fireplace

The east (rear) elevation is plain with drab paved courtyards providing light and ventilation to classrooms.

The west (main) elevation is dominated by the large arched windows of the auditorium.

The main entrances flank the auditorium and are topped with elaborate ornaments.