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Herman School - Photos

Front facade (southeast elevation) and main entrance towers, showcasing Herman's unusual geometric detailing.

The school is set back at an angle from the intersection of Tireman and Asbury Park, creating a large field in front of the school.

The red brick building which houses the school gym, is actually the 1942 community building for the Herman Gardens housing development. The building was later connected with the main classroom wing (tan brick).

The 60x90' gymnasium is in relatively good condition. It is lit by glass block clerestory windows on the northwest and southeast elevations.

Auditorium main floor and balcony viewed from under the balcony. The space receives most of its light from one large glass block window.

First floor main corridor as seen in April 2023.

Second floor main corridor detail.

What's left of the weight lifting room

First floor classroom

Copy room on first floor

First floor corridor

Second floor classroom in April 2023

Several fires in recent years created a lot of damage

Second floor corridor

Repair shop on third floor

Stairway during sunset

Southwest elevation detail

The building was bought for about $280,000 by Total Life Change Ministries in 2013, a church founded by Apostle Michael Beasley, a former-prison-guard-turned-truck-driver. By 2019, the congregation gave up on casting out thieves and scrappers and threw the church to them and their demons to finish devouring.