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Hotel Charlevoix - Old photos

The Hotel Charlevoix can be seen to the back left of the Kresge (now Kales) Building in 1926.

The Charlevoix, as seen in a 1922 advertisement

The Hotel Charlevoix in 1953, after its decorative features had been removed

The Charlevoix once had a beautiful cornice.

Lookig south on Park Avenue toward the Charlevoix on the right, the Kales on the left, with the Hotel Tuller is in the center in the distance. To its left is the Hotel Statler.

The Charlevoix peeks out from behind the Kresge/Kales Building. The Charlevoix is in the back-middle.

The front of the Charlevoix around the 1920s or '30s.

The Charlevoix can be seen in the background of this photo of the excavating for the Women's City Club