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Hotel Detroiter - Old photos

The Hotel Detroiter

The Detroiter stands in the middle of this 1994 photo, abandoned and awaiting to be imploded two years later.

The Detroiter stands abandoned along a desolate stretch of Woodward in 1985.

The hotel in 1983, a year before it closed

Carmel Hall in 1979

The Detroiter in 1979, as Carmel Hall

Sisters of Mt. Carmel stand near where gangsters hung out and radio show host Jerry Buckley was gunned down decades earlier.

A dining room in Carmel Hall, during the hotel's time as a senior facility

The Detroiter in 1955, when it was sold and turned into a senior nursing facility

The Detroiter can be seen in the distance on the left in this shot looking south on Woodward in 1944.

The Hotel Detroiter in 1935

Woodward Avenue in 1935. The Hotel Detroiter can be seen in the distance on the right.

The Hotel Detroiter in 1934. This portion of the hotel was razed to make way for the widening of Woodward Avenue.

The Hotel Detroiter as seen from the Donovan Building

The Hotel Detroiter in the 1970s.

The Hotel Detroiter in 1930, when it was known as the Hotel La Salle

The old entrance for the Detroiter, before it was demolished for the widening of Woodward Avenue.