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Hudson's Department Store - Photos

The Big Store was huge.

The Kern's Clock stands outside Hudson's in late 1997 after the death fence was erected around the landmark ahead of its implosion.

An old chandelier dangles inside Hudson's in Feburary 1997.

A look at the Broderick Tower from the top of Hudson's.

Old posters litter the ground inside Hudson's in Feburary 1997.

An organ sits in Hudson's in Feburary 1997.

The Detroit People Mover scoots by the massive abandoned hulk in 1997.

The escalators were scrapped by February 1997.

Hudson's eighth floor in Feburary 1997.

Hudson's in Feburary 1997.

Hudson's, rotting in Feburary 1997.

The massive, empty Hudson's Department Store

For those who never saw Hudson's, pictures can only begin to hint at the size of the Big Store.

Vandals ravaged the grand store.

Hudson's in Feburary 1997.