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Hurlbut Memorial Gate - Photos

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the monument, which was originally built in 1894, is named after Chauncey Hurlbut.

Chauncey Hurlbut was a 19th Century president of Detroit’s Board of Water Commissioners.

The statue and monument suffered extensive damage after being struck by lightning in 2019. The eagle has since been completely recreated and was reinstalled on the memorial gate.

The "victory eagle" was recreated by stone masons who carved a new statue out of limestone. The block of limestone used to carve the new eagle came from the same quarry and the same lot that was used to build the Michigan Central train station more than 100 years ago.

The monument as seen from Jefferson Ave. in April 2023

Between 2019 and 2023, GLWA has worked with contractors to repair or replace portions of and clean the entire monument.

A young celestial figure with a star in her hair greets all who enter the park

A closer look at some of the details

A guardian cherub from a central arch spandril holds a laurel wreath, traditionally awarded to visitors in athletic competition.

One of two youthful celestial figures near the top of the gate.

Paired Pillars carved with intricate designs based on Italian Renaissance motifs support the central arch that once protected a bust of the gate's namesake, Chauncey Hurlbut.

A figure, foliage and fish represent vigor, abundance and good fortunes, respectively. (right pillar)

Decades ago, somebody stole the bronze bust of Chauncey Hurlbut from its pedestal in the gate.

The dome of the Memorial Gate proudly exudes its heritage of Beaux Arts Classicism.

A view at the gate from a different perspective. April 2023.