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Mariners Church - Old Photos

The Church in its old location, date unknown

View of Mariners' Church on its old location on the northwest corner of Woodbridge and Woodward Avenue. Sign reading: "45-49, Beatty Fitzsimons & Co. Wholesale Grocers" displayed on facade. Horse-drawn wagons in street. Date unknown.

The church in its new location on July 1, 1955

View at workers who are preparing to move Mariners' Church in 1955. The rollers can be seen in foreground.

View of Mariners' Church being moved across Woodward Avenue in 1955 with the Detroit River in background.

Bird's-eye view of the relocation of Mariners' Church in 1955

Bird's-eye view of Mariners' Church during move to new its new location in 1955. Foundation in foreground.

View of a construction site and building demolition with Mariners' Church right next to it in 1955.

View of construction workers placing cross on roof of Mariners' Church on July 1st, 1955. Cross is suspended on hoist from crane.

A distant view at Mariners' Church from across the street in 1955.