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Marshall Elementary - Photos

The auditorium in 2023 - the space is constructed of CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit), but with cast-concrete and plaster decorative elements. A modern wheelchair lift has been added to the left of the stage.

Long kindergarten space with Pewabic tile basin facing bay window.

Brick fireplace visible on the right. Contemporary aluminum windows are all still intact in August 2023.

The gymnasium - a large hole in the roof was caused by falling coping stone.

Large windows provided ample natural light to the gymnasium

Hallway with CMU and glazed-block walls, and still somewhat intact lockers.

Typical classroom with CMU walls. Wood finishes have been vandalized but contemporary aluminum windows are intact.

Severe damage from scrapping all over the school in August 2023

Looking at the auditorium from stage.

Behind the curtain - August 2023

East elevation with three entrances - an early morning in August 2023

Poly-chromatic brickwork and decorative tiles on exterior.

Over-grown courtyard in August 2023

View from courtyard at boiler house

Beautiful facade featuring multi-color decorative tile inlays.....

....and cast stone details.

View at west elevation and boiler house.

Front entrance as seen from E State Fair Ave.