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McKerrow School - Photos

The auditorium features a suspended barrel-vaulted ceiling. (Aug 2023)

The southwest and southeast (front) elevations of the school showcase the building's decorative brickwork and distinctive entryways.

Ornament is focused on the entrance tower, its entrance opening consisting of a brick compound archway with stone surrounds and stone tympanum bearing the Seal of the State of Michigan.

A detailed view at the seal of Michigan

There are five main entrances to the school building, plus one service entrance.

Water damage above the gym has caused the ceiling to collapse. (Aug. 2023)

The ´╗┐first floor corridors are heavily water damaged and scrapped, with no original finishes intact.

A typical classroom with plaster finishes in fair condition. The original wood-framed windows are missing throughout the school, and wood floors are buckled throughout.

Water damage on the second floor has contributed to structural deterioration of the floor slab.

Staircase from 1st to 2nd floor in August 2023.

View from stage at auditorium in August 2023.

A fireplace in the school library.

Narrow corridor near the gym

Another view at the auditorium