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Merrill Fountain - Photos

The Merrill Fountain sits full of weeds, not water, in Palmer Park.

This grotesque once spewed water into these reservoirs, which are now filled with nasty, stagnant water.

A group of young Detroiters hangs out along the fountain. The empty platforms once held turtles that spat water.

The Italian Renaissance splendor of the Merrill Fountain

Detroiters once hung over this balcony, perhaps tossing coins into it for good luck.

Weeds have seeped through the cracks of the decaying fountain.

A drum circle performs next to the fountain in June 2010.

The back of the fountain and a large chunk of stolen railing at right.

The fountain has been left to rot in Palmer Park since being moved there more than 85 years ago.

Someone stole the turtle head off this jet.

The beautiful Italian Renaissance design has been marred by vandals.

This grotesque once spewed water into these reservoirs.

A detail of one of the ornate lion heads.

The Merrill Fountain in April 2015