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Monnier Elementary School

View of the gymnasium/auditorium and stage area from the second-floor. Severe water damage to the wood-framed partition wall between the bleachers and main corridor is visible left of the stage.

South elevation, with kindergarten bay window visible on the right side.

North elevation viewed from the school's asphalt track. The blank facade on the right of the image is where a 1973 addition once connected to the original building. The addition was demolished in 1991 or 92, according to Sanborn maps.

Monnier's original building included 28 rooms and a large gym/auditorium.

The main school entrance, as well as the entrance to the gym/auditorium, is located on a single-loaded corridor which extends toward Ward St. on the west side of the building.

The gym/auditorium area features unique raised bleachers on three sides of the space, and large arched windows, suggesting a small stadium or arena.

A view from stage. Pic from Aug 2023

A typical classroom showing finishes in relatively good condition. Pic from Aug 2023

Windows have been scrapped throughout the building. Pic from Aug 2023.

A look at this corridor shows the level of decay due to water damage. Pic from Aug 2023

Severe water damage can be seen on hard wood floors in 2023. Picture from Aug 2023

First floor corridor in August 2023. Picture from Aug 2023

Picture from Aug 2023

The unique gymnasium has elevated stadium-style bleachers forming a horseshoe around three sides of the space, and a stage on the fourth side. The gym also features large semicircular windows. Picture from Aug 2023.

Surrounded by a death fence in April 2024

April 2024

April 2024