Historic Detroit

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Penobscot Building Annex - Photos

The 1916 Penobscot Annex can be seen on the right. The Penobscot tower on the left and the first Penobscot in front of the Tower. The historic 3-story State Savings Bank Building can be seen in the front.

The U-shaped Penobscot Annex as seen in 2022

View of the Penobscot Annex's Cornice and facade detail.

The two U-shaped Penobscot Annex as seen from Congress.

The Penobscot Building Annex, center, on a foggy day, as seen from the Guardian Building. The Buhl Building is at left; the Ford Building is on the right.

Looking up - The Penobscot block (the 1905 Penobscot, the 1916 Penobscot Annex and the 1928 Penobscot Building), the Buhl Building and the backside of the Ford Building.