Historic Detroit

Every building in Detroit has a story — we're here to share it

Penobscot Building - Old photos

The Penobscot Building rises in 1927. This view is taken on Fort at Cass, looking east.

The Penobscot Building rises on Detroit's skyline about 1927. Crowley's Department Store is at right. The Gothic skyscraper is the Cadillac Square Building.

The Penobscot rises in 1927.

The Penobscot Building at night in 1929, a year after it opened.

The 'Nob's nob up close.

The big chief on the Griswold Street side.

The Penobscot's entrance on Griswold Street in 1972.

The Penobscot's original Art Deco lobby, which was covered with a drop ceiling.

The tops of the Penobscot and the Guardian buildings.

The Penobscot Building, as seen from the roof of the Guardian Building

The Penobscot, shortly after Old City Hall was razed in 1961

In the 1970s, the Penobscot was renamed the City National Bank Building. Everyone still called it the Penobscot.

The Penobscot Building, as seen from the roof of Old City Hall. This was a popular postcard image.

The Art Deco elevator doors of the Penobscot

The Penobscot towers over Old City Hall

City Hall is dwarfed by the Penobscot, back left.

An aerial view

Campus Martius

The Penobscot climbs up the Detroit skyline.

The Penobscot under construction Oct. 22, 1928, with Old City Hall and the Dime Building.

The Penobscot Building is a landmark that can be seen for miles.

The Penobscot under construction

The Penobscot and Ford buildings

The Penobscot Building, with the Hammond Building's cornice at left

The outdoor patio near the top of the Penobscot. Two of the Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co. steamers are in the distance.

The 'Nob's knob.