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Security Trust Building - Photos

This bank building was constructed between the Dime Building’s alley to the south and the First State Bank to the north. Its Romanesque-inspired front is faced in grey Indiana limestone. Rising above a gray granite base, the front displays three four-story tall side-by-side arches.

The columns and their capitals and the arches are finished in limestone elaborately carved with representations of animal and human forms and other motifs. Among the details carved in the voussoir blocks above the arches squirrel and beehive forms – suggestive of saving for the future – are recognizable.

A more distant look at the detail carvings on both, the Security Trust Building on the left and the First State Bank Building to the right.

Security Trust Building - The capital from one of the three-part pillars features sphinxes and owls for wisdom, a pair of merlions (a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish) for international commerce, and a duck representing abundance

Security Trust Building - one of the relief panels that flank the old main entrance.

Security Trust Building - a treasure protecting griffin and a caduceus, symbol of commerce, from the old main entrance.

Security Trust Building - a loyal guard dog adorns a window spandral