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St. Agnes Catholic Church - Photos

The church building photographed after sunset

St. Agnes's mighty sanctuary during sunset

The person in the image provides a good perspective of how big the sanctuary is

View from the altar toward the main entrance

The Church building as seen from Rosa Parks Blvd.

The backside of the church

Architectural detail of the spire

Unfortunately there's not a lot left of the once beautiful church

Sanctuary as of 2022

Sanctuary as of 2022

Even though St. Agnes was not the most important or beautiful of Detroit’s churches, it was still, for some time, a big part of a thriving neighborhood.

Dividing door between main entrance and sanctuary

The altar had been removed a long time ago.

Stained glass windows had been removed a long time ago

Side entrance to the santuary

View at the church from the adjacent school building

Church exterior during a beautiful fall sunset

State of decay of the adjacent St. Agnes school

The once beautiful St. Agnes complex on Rosa Parks Blvd. might be history soon

St. Agnes as of July 2023

St. Agnes as of July 2023

The mysterious piano which was brought in by a band shooting a music video in June 2023

St. Agnes in July 2023

The church in April 2024

The church after heavy rainfall in April 2024

The church after heavy rainfall in April 2024

Staircase to rear balcony in April 2024

A wide angle view at the sanctuary and beautiful Pewabic tiles in the front - Photo from April 2024