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St. Paul's German Evangelical Lutheran Church - Photos

The church's sanctuary on August 25, 2023

A detailed view of the spire in August 2023

This church opened as St. Paul's German Evangelical Lutheran in 1873.

The church stands just to the west of Roosevelt Park and just north of Michigan Central Station. The church's school can be seen at left.

The condition of the church's once-revered steeple in August 2023, which led to the City of Detroit labeling it a public safety risk.

Church exterior in August 2023

St. Paul's sanctuary

St. Paul's sanctuary, showing the organ loft and altar

St. Paul's sanctuary, showing original ceiling details but also the incomplete renovations

Another view at the sanctuary in August 2023

A closer look at the pipe organ

Balcony level view with a peak at the only stained glass window left at the church

Stained glass window detail

A different angle at the altar/organ

A look through the bell tower above the front entrance

Inside the bell tower above the front entrance

Looking up the bell tower

A closer look at the organ

Beautiful woodwork on altar and organ

A unique perspective of MCS through a church window

Front entrance in August 2023

Another angle at the churches sanctuary in August 2023

Front facade detail

The backside of the church in August 2023

The church's sanctuary around 2019

The Church's cornerstone

Spire detail as of August 2023

South elevation of the church from a distance