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St. Peter's Episcopal Church - Photos Te Deum Window

One of the finest stained glass windows in Detroit, the chancel window in St. Peter's sanctuary, also referred to as "Te Deum Window". It consists of five lancets and illustrates the ancient hymn "Te Deum Laudamas". chancel window in the sanctuary.

The center lancet is devoted to a bearded Christ in majesty, holding a book with the alpha and omega, Greek alphabet symbols for the beginning and the end.

Four archangels in red flank Christ: St. Uriel holding the sun

Four archangels in red flank Christ: St. Michael with spear and shield, messenger of divine judgment and leader of all spiritual forces against the powers of darkness.

Four archangels in red flank Christ: St. Gabriel with a lily, messenger of divine mercy and of good news.

Four archangels in red flank Christ: St Raphael with fish and pilgrim's staff, symbols from the Book of Tobit.

Below the archangels are: the four apostles Peter, Paul, John, and James; John the Baptist with Isaiah and Daniel; the martyrs St. Stephen, St. Margaret of Antioch, and St. Agnes; and St. Augustine, St. Boniface, St. Polycarp, and St. Francis of Assisi.

In the predella below Christ, is the scene of his crucifixion.

The one right next to it illustrates the Madonna and Child

The two predellas on the right bottom contain the Resurrection and the Holy Church with words from the ancient hymn, "The Holy Church throughout the World."