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Stephens Elementary - Photos

The auditorium and stage viewed from underneath the projection room

The large central kindergarten room protrudes into the central courtyard.

The gym is connected to the basement, but still has large windows all around.

A small cafeteria occupies the center of a timber-framed penthouse added to the roof of the original school building.

A view from the cafeteria area toward the main building

The small central courtyard only serves to allow natural light and ventilation.

The wood-framed penthouse addition is visible above the roof of the original building.

The main entrance

It it unknown whether the elevator was part of the original school design.

East elevation


Stage detail

First floor corridor

First floor corridor


Corridors with view at central courtyard

South elevation with small school yard in the foreground.

Boiler room

East elevation from a distance - August 2023