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Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church - Photos

Perhaps one of the most iconic shots of the sanctuary with all the beautiful stained windows

Main Entrance on Woodward Avenue

There is a reason why the church was referred to as "St. Curvy"

Looking up

Some detail

The Organ

Stained glass windows facing Woodward Avenue

The sanctuary with its spectacular orthogonal lantern

Staircase facing Woodward Avenue

The Piano

No doubt it deserves the nickname "St. Curvy"

It seems as if many significant historical structures are located close to the Fisher Building

Structural integrity

The remaining of a fireplace

A view from Woodward Avenue looking Southwest

The staircase facing Woodward Avenue

The main entrance on Woodward Avenue.

The octagonal lantern of the church

The majestic curving balcony of Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church has led some to dub it "St. Curvy."

A piano on the second floor

Hoop dreams. A gymnasium on the side of the church.

Much of the first floor of the church has been destroyed by water damage.

A photo of the church's last pastor, the Rev. Gary M. Douglas Jr., still sits on a bookshelf.

The staircase on the Philadelphia side of the building has been smashed by vandals.

The once booming organ has been silenced - and its pipes scrapped.

All of the mighty organ's pipes have been scrapped.

The church's sanctuary has been damaged by scrappers, vandals and the elements.

Looking up into the lantern from the sanctuary

The breathtaking curves of the church known as St. Curvy.

Church pews inside Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church

Stained glass windows inside the abandoned Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church

The sanctuary of Woodward Avenue Presbyterian

Though abandoned, Woodward Avenue Presbyterian remains a place of beauty and spiritualness

The abandoned sanctuary of Woodward Avenue Presbyterian

The organ in the sanctuary of Woodward Avenue Presbyterian

The sanctuary, as seen from above

Woodward Avenue Presbyterian's giant, swooping balcony has given it the nickname "St. Curvy."

Woodward Avenue Presbyterian has started to lose its stained glass windows after years of abandonment.

The sanctuary of Woodward Avenue Presbyterian, showing the organ

Despite years of abandonment, Woodward Avenue Presbyterian still retains its sense of spiritualness.

The sanctuary of Woodward Avenue Presbyterian, as seen from under the balcony

The balcony at Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church