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St. Columba Episcopal Church - Photos

A view at the sanctuary from the balcony

Side view of the sanctuary as seen in summer 2021

Like many other churches in Detroit, St. Columba experienced a decline in membership and its congregation moved to the suburbs.

By 2000 the churches neighborhood had one of the highest percentages of abandoned properties in the city

The church is over 11,000 square feet. And while some of the stucco is stained and falling off exposing the brick underneath, the nave is still impressive.

Another view at the stunning sanctuary

A close look at the lectern with the large stained glass window in the background

Elaborate entrance door between main entrance and sanctuary

Entrance door detail

A look at the sacristy area

A view at the one of the aisles inside the nave

A wide angle view at the Narthex

A view from the Narthex into the church

Staircase to choir

Door separating apse from sacristy area

A different angle at the sanctuary

A view at the Northeast elevation

South elevation

A view from Manistique St. in summer 2021